days out in the peak district & the lakes

Due to multiple enquiries , I am offering select one to one / small group workshops . All days out are bespoke in nature and are tailored to your individual requirements. The emphasis is on a relaxed, fun day out,  with the goal that you will go home confident that you can get that special shot.


Days offered and key topics

Days will be tailored to the individuals requirements. When booking we will discuss in detail, the type of images you like to shoot and what you hope to achieve from the day out,  Dependent on the weather, we can explore big vistas,  intimate landscapes and woodland.  The key to a succesful day is for you to enjoy the experience. The day will be relaxed and most importantly, fun.

Peak District 

There are opportunities to shoot big vistas and more intimate scenes such as woodland in the bounds of the Peak District National park. However what can be achieved in a single day is dependent on the weather and the time of year. I know this area very well and there is always an opportunity to take home an image you will be proud of. 

Lake District

Renowned for it's beautiful Lakes and big vistas, the Lake District is a beautiful place to visit. There are numerous opportnities to get great images but again the type of shots that can be attained is obviously weather dependent. Fear not though because even if the conditions are poor there is always and opportunity to get shots.

Key topics include. 

Compositional elements that make  an image  We will explore the landscape and discuss the key atritbutes that make a good shot, concentrating on light, texture, lead in lines and foreground elements.  I am a great beleiver that images can be gained in any weather and yo will gain a clear understanding what vistas to shoot in specific conditions, that you may enounter. Even flat light. There is no need to go home dissapointed when out with your camera.

Use of  your camera functions to get the most out of your workflow,  including bracketing, aperture settings, focal lengths ,ISO, shutter speed, understanding the histogram and getting the most out of the lenses that you carry. I will explain the benefits of manual shooting  & aperture priority  and by the end of the day you will have a clear understanding of both . You can then decide what suits you best.

Post proecessing techniques using light room and photoshop. I will show you my work flow. I will encourage you to be intuitive with your post processing and will give you the confidence to take your images to the next level. 

Please note .

The areas we cover are dependent on your experience  and i will tailor tuition to a level you are comfortable with. A good knowledge of how to access your camera functions is highly adviseable ie which buttons do what and menu access etc. I am a nikon shooter so if you use this system i am happy to fine tune your settings .

 All one to one experiences are tailored to you or your group. You can decide whether you want to start early in the morning to get a sunrise or afternoon/ evening for a sunset. However the weather can have a huge influence on the golden hour images,



Workshops take place thursday- sunday and dependent on your requirements. 


Half day (4 hours)

Individual £180

Two people  £280

Full day (8 hours)

Individual  £350 

Two people £450

Larger groups catered on request.

Multiple days also offered.


A free hat (on request)

Snacks and coffee/ tea


Transport to the locations (picked up and dropped off from a central location).

A post workshop drink and opportunity to review/ post process images. 



Accommodation - Bed & breakfast can be arranged separately on request.