About me


Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to visit my pages. I am just a normal guy who enjoys time away from the everyday stress of life by walking in the countryside with my camera, family and dogs. Landscape photography is meditation for me . Nothing more. Nothing less. I am humbled that people like to follow me on my journey. 


Landscape photography

I have been taking images for over 35 years.. Making a living from Landscape Photography  is not a driver for me, as I fear it would turn something I love into a chore. However I have experience that some may find worthwhile and decided to document my journey on You Tube, when I realised people found it interesting.  Advice on the channel is usually my own and if not I will credit the individual I have garnered it from. Honesty is integral to my photography.  


What's important to me

My wife and children are the most important part of my life. A close second are my two faithful dogs Millie and Teddy . Landscape photography is not my main profession and my other business interests keep me busy. I live in a small village near Huddersfield , West Yorkshire.